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About Me

My work

A unique personalised piece of art, capturing a treasured memory.

I was always ‘arty’ from a young age and loved art, music & photography. 

I began getting back in to art after I had been diagnosed with Crohns.  It gave me something to do when I wasn’t feeling so well. 

I moved down to Suffolk in 2014 for a fresh start and was painting, sewing, doing mixed media, paper it’s & Lino print. 

I first began in July 2018, when I started putting my work on Social Media, with my very first two horses being my own.  Friends started asking for commissions, then others started to enquire, so Teresa Lewis Art was created. 

I tentatively started doing art for them and the more I did, the more others saw it and wanted one for them. 

I  primarily do commissioned work, horse and rider, horses & Pets.  I also draw farm animals, dogs & cats, and wildlife too. 

Horse and rider being the most popular,  I saw a niche in the art/equestrian world.  I was able to do both things that I loved to do. 

I then did it so that when the commission was completed it could be printed on to lots of different items. 

My commissions are taking a photograph, capturing a special moment and making it in to a unique piece of art.  I am absolutely thrilled when someone trusts me with their photograph. 

I offer a bespoke Commission service, when you artwork is finished, you can also buy other items with your commission on, giving you *the* ultimate personalised gift, 

Having a photographs from anything from horse and rider, animals that have sadly passed away, or your favourite photograph of your pet  can be made in to a beautiful unique, personal work of art. 

The commissions makes a great gift for friends, family or to treat yourself.  

There is also a range of generic art available in the shop to start your collection. 

There are horses, farm animals, wildlife, dogs & cats on a range of items including cards, mugs, aprons, cushions and much much more. 

All designed to be bright, unique, fun and guaranteed to make you smile. 

Perfect for presents for animal lovers.  They are unique, bright & fun. Something completely different to the ‘norm’, plus the addition of supporting local small business.  The gifts have been carefully thought of and are great quality.  If I wouldnt buy it, I wont put my art on it & using UK businesses for printing my art on to them is fundamental to supporting other small businesses too. 

New designs and products are always being thought about & discussed to produce a range of well thought out gifts & cards for you, the customer.  

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More than Just an Online Store

Stampede Stunt Company - Sergey

This is more than an online store.  This is where you can come and buy something rather unique and something which will be treasured forever, as well as a range of fun, bright, unique artwork on a wide range of gifts, cards & personalized gifts

It is so important to ensure customer satisfaction, and I love receiving updates on how much customers love their artwork. 

The commissions are special moments in your, or your family/friends lives, maybe it’s a special moment, or a beloved pet.  Whatever it is, I have been entrusted to make this photograph in to something unique and original, so for me, it is important to get it right. 

Bespoke Commission packages are available. For details contact me at: 

customersupport@TeresaLewisArt.co.uk or via my Facebook Page. 

The artist

A picture of me, the artist. Owner and artist of www.TeresaLewisArt.co.uk

I am a *cough*years old, mixed media artist.  I work with two types of art, the work you see on here, and the mixed media stitch, paint art that I also create over on my other website, www.gingearts.co.uk 

I live and work in Suffolk, UK, and my passion, apart from art is Horseriding.  I am influenced by my surroundings in both parts of my art, and love drawing fun, unique art as well as the mixed media work. 

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