Happy New Year 2020.

The other important art bits

two arabs nose to nose - 'getting to know you'

Generic art.

I appreciate that not everyone can afford a commission, so I have produced lots of generic art of horses, farm animals, wildlife and pets. 

As well as prints, they are available on cards, mugs, cushions, travel mugs, tea towels, totes and much much more. 

Cant see a design that you’d like on an item? there may be a possibility I can get your favourite item printed on something else, so please do ask!   


“Beautiful unique personalised gifts. Stunning colours and sure to please. I totally love mine” - Dottie Westlake 

“Teresa has a genuine passion for her art and it shows through the love of her subject matter, her unique style and attention to detail makes Teresa an easy recommendation” - Steve Thompson.

”I ordered a very special print for my sister, who has been on an incredible journey in order for the photograph to be taken.  Teresa captures the essence and spirit of Fi, adapting the photo to make a super unique picture- the print made the best of presents.  One very very talented artist.”  - Caron Fraser-Wood

”Teresa is not only a lovely person to discuss ideas with, she’s also patient and understanding- listening to her clients exact requests” - Angela Thorogood. 


Can I order a personalised Item other than a print? 

”Yes you can, but you have to commission a personalised sketch first.  Once that has been bought and completed, you can then have it printed on a variety of items. 

I want it as a gift for a friend.  How soon should I order it, if it is a commission?

The turnaround time for a commission is 28 days.  This could be completed sooner, however, some items are printed by third party companies, so 28 days includes the time to get it printed and sent by them in good time.  I would say that you need to think a little in advance, unless you are buying generic items, which will be sent sooner. 

What do do you mean by ‘generic?

Generic is where it is available to all, so all ‘non commission’ work which is available to every customer 

What are the postage costs? 

The majority of items have P & P included for the UK.  If shipping international, then additional postage costs will be added.  Please message for a postage estimate if living outside of the UK. 

Can I return the items if I don’t like something?

In short, no.  Only goods which are faulty or damaged will be replaced, 

personalised items cannot be returned and refunded.  When a personalised gift is being done, a proof is sent to the customer to check they are happy before printing.  Any spelling mistakes will be down to the customer.  

Generic items can be refunded if faulty or damaged.  Everything is checked and packaged by us and we take great care in packaging your items with care.  

Any issues contact us. 

Where can I leave feedback? 

You can leave feedback either underneath the items in the shop or on my Facebook page, either as a ‘star review’ or recommendation. 

You don’t have to leave a review, but if you could I would be grateful if you could, as this encourages others to buy my work, which makes me do a happy dance! 

Terms & Conditions

1. Copyright 

Please ensure that you have permission to use the photograph for personalisation work. If you have bought the photograph from a shoot, then please do ask the photographer to use it for your own piece. Generally they are very happy for their photos to be used for non commercial purposes, but it’s polite to ask.

2. Copyright - Teresa Lewis art / Ginge Arts 

My personalised work for you is for is not for commercial use. You can use it on your profile on Social media, all I ask is if you can put ©️Teresa Lewis on it and/or a link to my page. 

If you do wish to use my work for commercial purposes then please message me. 

3. Deposit 

When ordering I will ask for a 50% deposit of the total order 

If you change your mind about the photo being used and I have already started it, there will be an admin fee of 50% of the current price of the sketch and will be taken from the deposit.  

The remainder of money owed, once proof read is to be paid before the order is sent to the printers. 


The details that I have from you will be stored securely and will not be passed on to anyone else, the exception is, of course, the printers, who need your name and address. 

No third parties will be given your details unless required to complete your order. 

5. Promotion

Once a print has been completed, there is a possibility that I will put it on my art page or website (when I have one) and Instagram. If you do not wish for yours to be used then please let me know. 

If you have it as a present, let me know and I will until after the date you have given it to them. (Just let me know when you have given it to them!) 

I will have promotions from time to time and I will message you with these offers. If you do not wish for me to contact you, then please let me know. 

6. Postage

Postage of your items will be first class signed for if being sent by me. If it is sent via the printers directly to you, then it will be standard delivery which takes about 7 days. 

If you wish to pay for express delivery then please ask. The cost will be added on to your order (minus the amount for standard delivery) as extra for super fast delivery. 

7. Time turnaround 

Standard turnaround time is 28 days, although depending on work load, it may be sooner. 

This includes the time at the printers. You will be told when your order has been submitted and so any delay after that will be their responsibility.

So although I say 28 day turnaround, I cannot guarantee it due to third parties.  

If you need it quicker then I would suggest you pay for the extra postage for express delivery. 

8. Offers

I will have, from time to time, offers and competitions. 

If you wish to make use of the offer but haven’t decided what you want doing yet, your deposit will secure your offer price. 

9. Emails 

I will send you emails from time to time, about special offers and promotions and competitions, 

If you do not wish to receive emails then please let me know. 

10. Refunds 

Refunds will not be given for personalised items.  

You will be sent a proof of your piece for you to ‘proof read’. Once it is checked and accepted by you (including spelling where applicable), no alterations can be made after this time. 

If there is an issue with any item, eg. Damaged or faulty, then please contact me and in turn I will contact the printers for a replacement.