Happy New Year 2020.

Commissions - Art. Capturing a special moment.

So how’s it done?

I am often asked how I do my sketches.  No, I don’t have a magic machine that does them for me, I don’t use an app that makes them in to a piece of ‘art’.  What I do have is my skills in drawing, and instead of using paper and a pencil I use a pen and a computer and draw and colour and add as much detail in your commission as the photograph will allow. 

Each piece takes at least 10 hours, depending on the detailing, sometimes longer, but I pride myself on getting it right, and the feedback has been amazing.  

I offer a bespoke commission package.  Once your commission is complete, you can then have it on other items, making it a personalised gift. To arrange a commission, message me on Facebook or you can message me via the contact page or at customersupport@teresalewisart.co.uk 

There are several packages available, starting from £70 for an A4 commission.

Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

These make a perfect gift for family and friends, or for yourself, capturing that special moment, making it in to a unique, bright, and personalised piece of art. 

How do I order?

For a bespoke Commission, all you need is a good quality photograph(s) in which you can decided to have a commission print either A4/A3, plus other items are available for your personalised art to be printed on, or you can contact me via the message part of the website or email me at:


Unsure as to which photo will suit?  I am happy to help you decide which would work best for your commission.  I do need a good quality photo with as much detail as possible in order to make your commission as detailed as possible.  

Have any questions or need help you decide what would work best? just message me. 

I work hard to ensure that each commission is absolutely just as you want, so I will keep you updated with progress as I am doing your unique piece of art. 


Once your commission is done, you will receive a high quality print which you can frame to have a unique, bright and colourful print, and then you can choose to have it printed on a wide range of items, including mugs, travel mugs, blankets, cushions, apron, keyring, water bottles, and so much more.  

This is truly a bespoke and personalised gift, 

A fablous one of a kind special gift for friends, family and for yourself, capturing that special moment or as a great way of keeping your memories alive. 

There wont be anything else like it, this is a unique one off piece of art. A perfect way of keeping those special moments alive for years to come, perfect for presents any time of the year and for any celebration or other occasion.